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Chimpy With Style

I wouldn’t normally link to the Scottish Style Awards, but who’s this in the Most Stylish Female category? Why it’s Hannah McGill!

According to Scotland on Sunday, Han was chosen by the judging panel (including Elle McPherson and, er, Dinos Chapman) for her ‘signature smear of dark lipstick’ and ability to ‘work a pencil skirt with aplomb’. Is there an emoticon for helpless giggling? If so, insert here.

Having enjoyed countless hours over the past decade sipping warm champagne outside the changing rooms of high-end boutiques, saying things like ‘Ooh, yes, lovely! Buy it and then we can go for a pint.’ or ‘Christ no! You look like Christopher Biggins.’ at ten minute intervals, I trust I will merit a mention in La McGill’s acceptance speech when she inevitably and deservedly wins.

After Ruthie and Doug’s splendid performance collecting an award on Amy Winehouse’s behalf at the Vodafone Live shindig last weekend, I might have to add an ‘Award Ceremony News’ section to the site.

Posted at 2pm on 27/09/07 by Jack Mottram to the misc. category.
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