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Worries Pre The Op

Short notice, I know, but if you’re in Glasgow this evening do come along to Pre-Op at Macsorley’s on Jamaica Street, where Sister Motivator and I, Nurse Mot, will be playing records from 8pm to midnight, in place of the usual harrowing and complex audio flâneurship of DJ Hex Fraenum (AKA Ego Spastachrist, AKA Biotron, ne Guy Veale).

That’s right, in a flurry of silly noms de tune, Worries In The Dance is back!

Worries In The Dance

Dunno what La Motivator plans to play, but I’ve picked out a fair bit of non-boring dubstep (it exists, I swear!) a substantial portion of house (acid and mauve, mostly), a sturdy dose of rockabilly and a piquant soupçon of ‘challenging’ Wire-reader toss to go along with our standard Gingermaican blend of mongy dub, unconscious reggae and half-witted dancehall.

See you there?

Posted at 2pm on 12/08/07 by Jack Mottram to the music category.
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