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Today’s Links (31/07/07)

Actually from the last four days, not just today. Or, rather, yesterday, which is what ‘today’ really means in the context of these posts.

Posted at 12pm on 31/07/07 by Jack Mottram to the links category.
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  1. Hey nice one for posting the DuChamp Reconciling chess link - never seen that! Is it available?

    You might be interested in this: duchamp/kiesler

    particularly the footnotes [15] / [16] about duchamp and chess.

    Posted by battez at 10pm on 06.08.07

  2. Is it available?

    I’m not sure - was new to me, too (an artist friend asked me about it, because he’s possibly planning to do some work on it, I think.)

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 3pm on 07.08.07

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