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Ladies & Gentlemen, The Fabulous White Stripes

I watched the splendid, inexplicably out-of-print punk mockumentary Ladies & Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains the other night.


Just as The Stains’ career is taking off, Billy (a chubby Ray Winstone) and Corrine “Third Degree” Burns (Diane Lane) have the following exchange on their tour bus:

Billy: I like your hair.

Corrine: Yeah? What else do you like?

Billy: That’s it. I mean, at the moment, you’re just hair, aintcha? If you work hard, maybe, in a couple of years time, you might be something… different. At the moment, you’re just two white stripes.

Is that where the famous rock ‘n’ roll group got their name?

Posted at 3pm on 21/07/07 by Jack Mottram to the film category.
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  1. I think so.

    Posted by CR at 3pm on 09.09.07

  2. Funny, this same thing just occurred to me as I was watching LAGTFS today. A Google search brought me here.
    I had always thought the band took its name from the candy, but the “you’re just two white stripes” thing, coupled with Jack and Meg’s known rock geekness, really seems to point towards the film.

    Posted by cornslaw at 3pm on 04.06.08

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