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Turkish Journey

I’ve been following Ben Hammersly’s Turkish Journey with great interest.

Hammersly is reporting on the run up to Turkey’s general election in July for the BBC, but rather than just filing copy for the web, audio for the World Service and video for News 24, he’s using a raft of web services to augment the more traditional media.

There are Flickr photographs, links on, status updates on Twitter, routes on Google Maps and, of course, a weblog. You can even add Hammersly as a friend on Facebook.

It’s an interesting experiment in newsgathering and alternative modes of broadcasting, but what’s really grabbed me is that Hammersly is not only providing new ways to follow a news story, but also revealing the processes which usually remain hidden from viewers or listeners, the nuts and bolts of producing a news item:

I probably shouldn’t talk about it in any detail yet, but by the looks of things I’ll soon be involved in a new web project that could learn a lot from the Turkish Journey experiment when it comes to arts reporting and reviewing, rather than news. More on that next month.

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  1. As a Kurd and Alevite I believe in the Turkish Republic founded by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. The only problem we have in Turkey are those fascist Kurds who want to devide us . They are the cause of sectarian issues and we all know that the EU sponsors them, plus the USA is sponsoring the PKK. I want Turkey out of Europe and stop the USA’s influence in Turkey. We do not want you.

    Posted by Filiz Erdem at 10am on 04.07.07

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