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Tigh Beg

I’m just back from a wonderful little holiday with Fiona, Richard and Ruthie at Tigh Beg, a croft overlooking Loch Feochan. We tramped up hills, lit fires, ate delicious food (courtesy of Fiona), drank delicious wines (courtesy of Richard, and Bob) and went on a day trip to Ellenabeich.

My companions and hosts, on the Seil side of the Bridge Over the Atlantic:

Fiona, Richard and Ruth

It is traditional in Scotland to install boat cabins on the tops of hills (they’re used as hides when hunting haggis):

A boat cabin on top of a hill

Tigh Beg is often surrounded by bleating idiots like this one:

A sheep

Here’s a nice photo of Ruthie:


And here I am, attempting to email copy to The Herald (it only took four attempts):

Me, working hard

At Ellenabeich you will find the Highland Arts Exhibition (and an excellent microbrewery):

Day trippers

Inside the Highland Arts Exhibition hangs the work of outsider polymath C. John Taylor:

Um, some art

And finally, especially for Guy, a mostly-rotten sheep carcass:

A rotten sheep carcass

More photographs are available here, or will be soon. Fans of needless geowankery can have a look at part of one of our walks on Google Maps (annoyingly, I didn’t remember that my new ‘phone has all sorts of fancy GPS features until halfway through our final trek).

Posted at 1am on 03/06/07 by Jack Mottram to the photographs category.
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  1. Hello Jack,
    we found your weblog looking for some reactions on the Tigh Beg Croft. We liked the spot right away and wondered if any blogger had written something positive about it.

    Would you recommend it for people who really need a breakafter too long a period of too hard working….?
    Seems very good for that…


    Posted by Nick Smismee at 6pm on 24.01.08

  2. Nick - it’s an absolutely wonderful spot, and I can’t wait to go back.

    My only quibble is with the croft itself, which has been ruined by interior decor better suited to a suburban show home (I’m not alone - every comment in the Visitors Book mentioned this!)

    But it is only a tiny downside, really, since no one is going to spend much time indoors with country like that around them.

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 12pm on 07.02.08

  3. Hi,
    Like the gentleman before me, I found your weblog by looking for comments and pictures about Tigh Beg Croft. My husband I are looking forward to a lovely week there later this year. I was specifically wondering two things…do you have any pictures of the cottage itself? I’m trying to gauge how close the other cottages are to it. The one picture that’s on the web very cleverly only shows just up to the back and the glorious view in front. And the other thing I wanted to know was about the lounge furniture…is the only sofa a small two seater? I can’t really tell from the pictures. I’d be grateful for any information and anymore pictures about the home or the area.

    Posted by Jackie Boyce at 12am on 22.02.08

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