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Venice Biennale 2007

The six artists representing Scotland at the Venice Biennale were announced this morning: Charles Avery, Henry Coombes, Louise Hopkins, Rosalind Nashashibi, Lucy Skaer and Tony Swain.

My guess is that Henry Coombes, whose recent film work I loved, Lucy Skaer and Tony Swain will be the highlights of the show, but it’s certainly a strong, and varied, group.

The exhibition concept is interesting, too. I wonder if, in dwelling on Scottishness and the peripatetic nature of contemporary art practice, curator Philip Long is launching a pre-emptive strike against the inevitable mealy-mouthed whinging in the Scottish press that some of the artists selected are—gasp!—not Scottish, or are based outside the country?

Also of note: four of the six are represented by doggerfisher, my old boss Susanna Beaumont’s gallery.

Posted at 9pm on 16/01/07 by Jack Mottram to the art and culture category.
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