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Neilson, Youngs & Kneale

Here’s a little telephone video snippet of Alex Neilson & Richard Youngs playing with Campbell ‘Birchville Cat Motel’ Kneale at the 13th Note on Tuesday night:

Neilson, Youngs & Kneale on Vimeo

Heavy, eh?

Neilson & Youngs were the highlight of a great Volcanic Tongue night, which also featured Kneale playing a weirdly rave-ish set, and Opaque doing their ‘masked highwaymen of feedback drone’ thing. The latter, excellent as usual, look dangerously like a supergroup nowadays—formerly a two-piece, members now include Nackt Insekten, Noma and frontperson/Kovorox label-founder Kylie Minoise (not their real names).

Also of note: inspired by a bloke in the crowd who stank like an old whore’s duvet, Guy, Len, Dave Clark and myself formulated a new entertainment concept, drawing on the immersive, often distressing, qualities of noise, but limited to olfactory sensation. We call it nase.

Posted at 9pm on 11/01/07 by Jack Mottram to the music category.
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  1. Thanks for this nice video

    Posted by sepl at 9pm on 10.11.07

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