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If I Ate Out Of A Dog Bowl, Would You Like Me More?

If I Ate Out Of A Dog Bowl, Would You Like Me More?

Enable Scotland launched an interesting fundraising campaign today. From the BBC report:

A charity for children and adults with learning disabilities has launched a campaign highlighting the greater donations given to animal charities.

Enable Scotland said animal charities received nearly twice as much funding as disability ones.

Its new campaign features posters of adults with learning disabilities alongside straplines like “If I ate out of a dog bowl would you like me more?”.

I reckon they should be applauded for being brave enough to highlight the fact that many people would rather donate money to aid animals rather than humans, but I worry that the campaign will be counter-productive—the posters could easily be read as anti-animal charity, rather than pro-human charity.

You can donate to Enable Scotland here.

Posted at 2pm on 10/01/07 by Jack Mottram to the politics category.
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  1. This campaign was developed by the Union (which is where I work) for Enable Scotland. It certainly is a brave move and it has already been criticised by animal charities, but I think it makes a point that needs to be made and we could probably do with a similar campaign in England.

    Posted by Kate at 9am on 12.01.07

  2. man dog dis shiz is wiggidy wack who doesnt already eat outta them bowls

    Posted by Mike Hunt at 1pm on 01.04.09

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