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Hannah McGill: EIFF Artistic Director

Massive congratulations to my lovely pal McGill, who was appointed the new Artistic Director of the Edinburgh International Film Festival today. Well deserved.

How about a Jarman retrospective next year, Han? You know you want to.

Posted at 12pm on 19/07/06 by Jack Mottram to the news category.
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  1. Jarman? Please explain why? It is easy to rent all his films no problem and Channel 4 showed them 20 years ago. Do something INTERSTING PLEASE!!!!

    Posted by Jimmy Buttock & The Bin Liners at 11pm on 19.07.06

  2. Well done hannah!!! Orra best, love!

    Posted by Maggie at 11am on 20.07.06

  3. Jarman? Please explain why?

    Uh, because he’s without doubt one of the great British film-makers of the 20th Century. Because you could show his early Super-8 works as they were originally screened, at horribly slow speeds. Because you could have a symposium on his pivotal role in the development of the music video in the UK. Because you could ask Simon Fisher Turner to do a live alternate sound mix for Blue, or have a band do a new live soundtrack. Because you could show his paintings as well as his film work. Because you could show a mini-season of queer cinema shorts alongside his work. Because you could do a tie-in with the Book Festival featuring readings of his poetry and diaries, &c. &c..

    But, most of all because watching films in the cinema is not the same fucking thing as watching them on a telly, you ninny.

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 12pm on 20.07.06

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