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Stevie Ray Breaks A String, Cats Can Sing

Video the first, for the attention of my parents in particular, in which the late Stevie Ray Vaughn demonstrates his impeccable cool:

(There’s lots more Stevie Ray Vaughn on YouTube, too.)

Video the second, for the attention of all. There is, horrifyingly, a cat that sings the blues at the end of this clip:

Apologies for more video: despite initial resistance, I’m now as hooked on YouTube as everyone else.

Posted at 2pm on 12/07/06 by Jack Mottram to the music category.
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  1. Stevie Ray’s the man isn’t he? I’ve recently rediscovered him and he’s so cool it depresses me. What a talent…

    Posted by couch boy at 7pm on 12.07.06

  2. He sure is.

    This video reminded me that next time I’m at my Mom and Dad’s house I need to systematically rip their complete collection of his CDs and DVDs (hey, he’s dead, so it’s not stealing…)

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 9pm on 12.07.06

  3. Fuck that old guy…This is more intersting

    Posted by jimmy buttock and the bin liners at 11pm on 19.07.06

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