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Lost Telephone, And A Writers Group

I’ve lost my mobile telephone, which I never answer anyway, so if you need to get in touch, email is the best way as usual.

Also, if you happen to be both a member of MetaFilter and someone who writes fiction, the embryonic MetaFilter Writers Group may be of interest.

Update: and now I have a telephone again. Aside from being sort of scammed by Orange—to get a replacement ‘phone, I had a number of choices, the cheapest involving a one-off payment of £100 and a few quid on my monthly bill until the ends of time—I’m amazed at how slick a process getting a fresh Nokia N70 was. No faffing around wasting police time getting a crime number, all my web and email services just worked. After a quick blast of iSync, and installing Opera Mini, the new model is indistinguishable from the old (except it isn’t scratched to pieces and doesn’t crash all the time, yet).

Er, more interesting weblog posts to follow shortly: I’m having a meeting tomorrow about curating a show, which I’ve not done before, and which looks likely to be an interesting little project.

Posted at 1pm on 05/06/06 by Jack Mottram to the misc. category.
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