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Since I’ve allowed this weblog to fall fallow over the last month or so, I though I’d get the ball rolling again with some hot nude markup action.

The idea behind Dunstan Diaz’s CSS Naked Day—the reason you’re seeing this site, along with 500-odd others around the web, with no clothes on—is to demonstrate the strengths of using good, standards-based, semantic markup and separating style from content. Or, in plain English: if you remove all the designy stuff from a website, it should still be perfectly usable.

The site will be back to normal tomorrow, both in terms of the undesign and the frequency of postings.

Update: It’s interesting to see that CSS Naked Day has had an unintended effect on some participants: Stuart Langridge is is contemplating changing styles, while over at Web-Graphics, they’ve changed CMS and are embarking on a live redesign.

Posted at 10pm on 04/04/06 by Jack Mottram to the site news category.
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