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The Old Glasgow Subway And Death Watch

Over at Hidden Glasgow, there are some beautiful photographs of the old Glasgow Subway around the time of its closure:

A woman standing on the platform of West St. station on the old Glasgow Underground

These images remind me of Death Watch, the completely wiggy, borderline-unwatchable 1980 Bernard Tavernier film starring Harvey Keitel, Romy Schneider and, fleetingly, Max von Sydow, which was shot in Glasgow, then the ideal location to evoke a dystopian futurescape.

Poster for Death Watch

Here’s a quote from Tavernier, explaining his choice of location, cribbed from erstwhile Submit Responser Len’s piece on the film:

Glasgow is a city of infinite possibilities. Everywhere you look, with the eye of a film director, there are fascinating shots, angles and juxtapositions, such as the lines of a new, modern office block contrasting with its next door neighbour, a Victorian church. Your freeway looks like something out of a modern American city, yet it leads directly on to 19th century streets.

(The subway photographs are via bonaldi’s post on MetaFilter, which I suspect may in turn be via my links, in which case this post neatly closes a subway-like loop.)

Posted at 1pm on 23/01/06 by Jack Mottram to the places category.
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  1. Was it? Oh nads, so it was. Sorry, that’s my fault for putting too many feeds in the one NNW folder. I’ll make slight amends on the post now…

    Posted by bonaldi at 2pm on 23.01.06

  2. No probs, wasn’t whoring for a via or anything - just thought you might’ve picked it up from my links or…

    too many feeds in the one NNW folder

    Hee, me too. NNW would really benefit from tagging/better Smart Folders. Or I would really benefit from being more organised. One or the other…

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 2pm on 24.01.06

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