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Tedious Tiny Tweak Talk

I’ve changed the way the front page of this site works a little bit, returning to a more traditional listing of recently added content.

The previous design, in separating ‘Today’s Links’ posts from more wordy offerings, made it hard to see that I’d updated the site with a ‘Today’s Links’ post. Which was daft.

The ‘Latest Photograph’ section has gone away too, but will return in some form or other once I’ve worked out how to fit it into the new look, or, more likely, once I’ve had a go at a proper redesign of the front page (a return to two columns, I imagine).

Anyway, everything looks okay in Firefox and Safari—if it’s at all wonky in browsers of the Windows variety, do let me know.

Also, while I’m meta-wittering: I’ll be trying to post here three times a week in 2006, at the very least, not counting the links of the day. This is in response to anti-Tumble feedback from readers (hello Dad!).

Posted at 3pm on 23/01/06 by Jack Mottram to the site news category.
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  1. excellent - a return to content instead of just links to bloody links (mind you i did like the photos of glasgow underground)

    Posted by bobbydad at 9am on 24.01.06

  2. I even have a brace of posts written and ready to post - maybe I should have a ‘Coming Soon…’ section!

    links to bloody links

    In my defence, that is kind of the point of a weblog, in the sense of it being a ‘web log’…

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 2pm on 24.01.06

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