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Generation KKK

Generation KKK, an exhibition of photographs currently on show at the St Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art is well worth a look. They’re by James Edward Bates (who also does weddings).

Also posted to MetaFilter, where a discussion may or may not ensue.

Posted at 11am on 15/12/05 by Jack Mottram to the photographs category.
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  1. There are times…quite often…when I am embarrassed to be an American.

    Posted by Jez at 3am on 16.12.05

  2. I think the KU KLUX KLAN was a low down horrible group. In a america there are still kkks. The kkk hated jews and blacks and many many others in the world. In other words people how were rotton cruel white trash. Were kkks. Many blacks were poor and worked for white people the people the blacks worked for ethier were or stillare kkks.
    Rosa parks is a hole diffrent story. Rosa parks was the braves person in history if it wasn’t for her we would not be here today. Just one tired day and the hole world changed. Rosa p. new she wanted to change something but, she did not know it would be today. That is all i know about Rosa Parks but, i do wish i knew more.

    Posted by samantha at 7am on 30.12.05

  3. I think the KKK is a disturbed gang.Coming froma white person, If i walked up into a cafe and a black man refused to serve me because of what the kkk did to his family, i would not blame him.

    Posted by Ashley at 6pm on 10.01.06

  4. The KKK is a Neo-Confederate terrorist group and should be treated as such by the police and FBI.

    Anyone involved with this domestic terrorist gang is a degenerate throw back to the evils of the Old South.

    Posted by Chipfield at 12pm on 20.01.06

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