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Safari Wonkiness Debugging Favour Request

I have a little favour to ask.

When I load Submit Response in Safari, the text at the top of each page (‘Submit Response is Jack Mottram’s weblog &tc.’) briefly flashes into view, then disappears. All is well in Firefox.

Since my copy of Safari is pretty heavily tweaked with Pith Helmet and Saft (both highly recommended) and a userContent.css file so convoluted I have no idea what it’s doing any more, I’m guessing these customisations are to blame in some way, but it might just be a bug in Safari 2.0.2.

So before I start digging through all the preferences for those plugins, could someone using the latest version of Safari, un-tweaked, let me know in the comments to this entry, or via email, whether they see the introductory text on this page just fine, or whether it appears and dissapears? And if folk using Saft and/or Pith Helmet could let me know what they see too, that’d be great.

(Funnily enough, I actually quite like the way the page looks without that header, and I’m not happy with the lengthy footer, so this problem might inspire a bijoux redesignette to make the site even more stripped down! Also, this is what I use Pith Helmet for:- its Machete feature allows you to make all your favourite sites look as calmly plain/tediously ugly as this place. The web is a very black, white, blue and image-free place for me nowadays. Web 0.1, not Web 2.0!)

Update: After contacting Hao Li, the developer of Saft, it turns out all I needed to do was turn off the ‘Block Ad/Banners’ option that Saft adds to the Safari menu, which I’d never noticed before. (Since Pith Helmet takes care of ad-blocking and I use Saft for it’s type-ahead searching, URL shortcuts and ugly metal window-removing features, I shouldn’t see any more ads than I was. I hope.)

Posted at 10am on 10/11/05 by Jack Mottram to the site news category.
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  1. The intro text appears immediately when loading the page and stays visible as expected; Safari 2.0.2 on Tiger 10.4.3.

    Posted by Matt Gemmell at 11am on 10.11.05

  2. I’m using Saft (Safari on OS X 10.3.9) and it looks fine to me. When did it start going wonky?

    Posted by MacDara at 12pm on 10.11.05

  3. Looks fine to me. (My Safari is as pure as the wind-driven snow.)

    Posted by Dave HS at 12pm on 10.11.05

  4. I’ve got Safari 2.0.2 and Saft 8.1.7 Demo installed, and the text appears fine for me.

    Posted by Nick Taylor at 12pm on 10.11.05

  5. I know its not the latest, but it looks fine in Safari 1.3.1

    Posted by alister at 2pm on 10.11.05

  6. Thanks everyone!

    Looks like it’s down to a conflict between Saft and Pith Helmet (all is well with one or the other, together the wonkiness occurs) but it’s a strange error, to be sure. Suppose I have to decide whether Machete is more important than type-ahead searching, no metal windows, etc…

    When did it start going wonky?

    I’m not sure - I don’t ever really look at the site unless I’m leaving a comment! I suspect it must’ve been after I installed the updated versions of the the two plugins just after 2.0.2 came out…

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 3pm on 10.11.05

  7. If find-as-you-type and the non-metal windows are the killer reasons for saft, you can get the former with fiwt and the latter … er, well, there’s a ton of themers out there, but the only one I bothered with was uno, because its sole purpose is to make everything consistent. Which is nice.

    Posted by Allan Donald at 1am on 11.11.05

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