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URLs On The Radio

On Saturday Review yesterday the presenter, Tom Sutcliffe, did something I haven’t heard on BBC Radio before.

Rather than read out an URL at the close of a discussion about the American Society of Magazine Editors recent list of the top forty magazine covers of the past forty years, he said, “…and there’s a link to the American Editors Association on our website. If you Google ‘BBC Saturday Review’, you’ll get there.”

Not ideal perhaps - future listeners may be puzzled if Google ceases to exist, and present listeners new to the web might have trouble - but it beats the John Humphrys method (reading an URL three or four times, always incorrectly, before giving up).

Posted at 12pm on 23/10/05 by Jack Mottram to the radio, web category.
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  1. The comment about urls on the radio obviously comes from someone who has not googled “BBC Saturday Review”. It will, in fact, not easily take you to Saturday Review’s webpage and, ironically, when I put “BBC Saturday Review” and “American Society of Magazine Editors” (the website link that is supposed to be on the BBC Saturday Review website), this was the only page that came up!

    Posted by Nicki Lukehurst at 1pm on 26.10.05

  2. That’s odd Nicki - when I put “BBC Saturday Review” (sans quotes) into Google and hit the “I’m feeling lucky” button, it took me straight to the right page, and a search for “BBC Saturday Review American Society of Magazine Editors shows the Saturday Review page as the first result, with this page as the 3rd. Were you using something other than or

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 5pm on 26.10.05

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