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Photic Sneezes And Solar Max

Sunlight streaming through trees

Despite my tendency to sneeze photically whenever I so much as think of the sun, I really like the photographs submitted to the Solar Max group on Flickr:

A good rule of thumb, though not absolute: If it hurts your eyes to look at your subject, or through the viewfinder, chances are you’ve got a good Solar Max canidate.

Posted at 4pm on 29/09/05 by Jack Mottram to the photographs category.
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  1. Holy crap, you mean photic sneezing is an actual condition? I thought I was the only one! Consider me similarly afflicted.

    Posted by MacDara at 8pm on 29.09.05

  2. i too suffer from sun induced sneezing fits…

    Posted by natalie at 8pm on 29.09.05

  3. I hadn’t come across the Solar Max group on Flickr yet…
    thank you…

    Posted by Jez at 6am on 30.09.05

  4. Holy crap, you mean photic sneezing is an actual condition

    It is! I was mocked for years because no one would believe the reason for my sneezy outbursts.

    A couple more comments from photic sneezers and I may have to set up a Photic Sneezers Support Group website and make my fortune. Er, not entirely sure how the fortune-making bit would work, though.

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 10am on 30.09.05

  5. I always look at the sun/a bright light when I need to sneeze…So glad I found this as I too thought I was the only one!

    Put me down for a years subscription to that support group, Mot.

    Posted by Maggie Jones at 2pm on 30.09.05

  6. Yeah, I have photic sneezing too. My family were convinced that I had hay fever when I was little, but I knew what it was. Besides, it happened in the winter as well as the summer. I was just looking it up on the web, and it looks as if a lot of people still don’t even believe it exists, or think it’s incredibly dangerous! Ho hum.

    Posted by Bridget Kenyon at 9pm on 17.10.05

  7. Excellent photo… and just looking at it I can feel the sinus start to throb…

    Jack, there is a Photic sneeze group already, mostly confined to France/Germany/Switzerland, but going for about six years, made up of people who got tired of explaining that they weren’ t freaks just because they sneezed when they look at the sun.

    The site is about due for a major update. Any suggestions?

    Posted by Martin at 2pm on 14.01.06

  8. My son has always sneezed when we would leave a bulding and the sun was shining bright, We just laughed it off.
    We never thought there was anything to it. He is eleven now and will get a kick out of knowing he’s not the only one.

    Posted by Michele at 2am on 02.05.06

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