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Back From France

Well, that was a good holiday.

A good food holiday, specifically.

Highlights included Bob’s Cognac-infused fig and hazelnut crumble, with fruit and nuts both plucked from the branch that day, Donny’s superb courgette and wild mushroom risotto, which induced a coma in its creator, Janet’s cheese gratin, which included the remains of a vast (€39!) block of gruyere, and a collaborative apple and pear tart, with apples picked from the orchard by my own hand.

Thanks to Donny, Janet, Jess, Len, Niamh and Yesten for being there, and of course to Mr. Bob for being such a fine host!

I have an holiday photoset on Flickr, needless to say, though with only a smattering of telephone camera snaps uploaded so far, and a search for the LPM0905 tag should, in the coming days, reveal photographs by all of us. I’m particularly looking forward to Leon’s shots of the Roman amphitheatre at Saintes, taken with his fancy little paper pinhole.

Oh, and something appears to have gone awry with email in my absence - if you sent me anything in the last fortnight and I haven’t yet replied, do get in touch.

Posted at 3pm on 26/09/05 by Jack Mottram to the news category.
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  1. Never mind the photos, where are the recipes?

    Posted by alister at 2pm on 27.09.05

  2. I’ll find out some and post them, though most will be of the ‘get some figs and hazelnuts and make a crumble’ variety, I suspect. There wasn’t a whole lot of measuring going on, anyway, more the drunken freestyle school of cookery!

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 2pm on 27.09.05

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