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Off To France

I’m off to France early tomorrow morning, returning on Wednesday the 21st of September.

The laptop will remain at home, but I’ll be taking my mobile telephone with me, so if you really need to get in touch, ring it.

For a remote taste of my holidays, please gaze upon this pair of giant donkeys, who I will be visiting:

The Giant Donkeys Of Poitou

Posted at 4pm on 11/09/05 by Jack Mottram to the news, photographs category.
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  1. “The breeders of Poitou donkeys kept the jacks for mule breeding”

    something you want to tell us?

    Posted by veryape at 11pm on 11.09.05

  2. You changed the font again. I preferred the serif, to be honest. But at least now my own redesign doesn’t look so much like a rip-off of yours.

    Posted by MacDara at 3pm on 23.09.05

  3. Hello,

    Could I please draw your attention to the website, that will give you an enormous amount of information about a species in danger of extinction - the rare, endangered, pure breed, indigenous, Andalucian Giant Donkey.

    A report commissioned by the Junta de Andalucia from the University of Cordoba, estimates there could be less than 120 of these pure breed donkeys left alive !!!!

    ANCRAA was set up as a dedicated breeding sanctuary, in Estepona, Andalucia, southern Spain and has successfully bred 9 beautiful AGD foals over the last 2 years, but with no outside official recognition or help at all.

    Perhaps you might like to place some specific information and/or a link on your website about them please.


    Dave Logan and Nuala Chapman (ANCRAA Supporters)

    Posted by Dave Logan at 10pm on 17.01.06

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