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Comments Buggered, Upgrade Imminent

While tinkering with the anti-spam defences of this weblog last night, I appear to have made it impossible for anyone but spammers to comment. Go me!

Since I can’t work out what I broke, and Movable Type has been behaving very oddly for a while now, I’m going to have a go at upgrading to version 3.2. This may not go well, so apologies if the site disappears, breaks in new and unexpected ways, or bursts into flames while you are reading it.

Also, I might as well have a crack at a new design while I’m at it, so for a while the site is likely to look more ‘like a fucking till receipt’ (© Hannah McGill) than it does already.

Posted at 12pm on 06/09/05 by Jack Mottram to the site news category.
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  1. Hmmm…your feed is telling me it won’t be being updated no more, so I follow the links from that ( or to be told that the pages don’t exist…and following the link for that feed item brings me here.

    I think something is bust.

    Posted by Mags at 5pm on 04.10.05

  2. Oops! Thanks Mags - both those feed URLs are wrong, the correct ones are:

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 9am on 05.10.05

  3. thanks - now subbed to the atom.

    Posted by Mags at 10am on 13.10.05

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