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Computer Creep

Most people who use their computer too much find themselves doing silly computery things when the computer is nowhere in sight - glancing at the top right hand corner of a page in a magazine or book to find out what time it is being the most common example, I imagine.

This morning in the shower, I heard something on the radio and thought, ‘Oh, I must remember that!’1 and at the same time my left hand formed the shape required to hit Shift+Ctrl+S, which is the command key combination I use to launch the Firefox extension.

In the future, this will, of course, be a completely reasonable response. The Spinex 9000 OmniLogPuter embedded beneath the skin on the back of my neck will respond to such a gesture by automatically scanning my recent thoughts, linking the desire to remember to the timecoded BBC Radio 4 stream, recording the audio snippet in question and its associated URLs, adding a huge array of metadata, and placing a new item in a queue for later review so that I can choose to post to either my private todo list or my public MegaWebLifeWorkEntertainmentFilterLog (which will be called Submit Response for nostalgic reasons).

Just now, though, it is a sign that I really need to get out more.

1 - Lacking both an embedded Spinex 9000 OmniLogPuter and a working short term memory, I’ve forgotten what it is I wanted to remember.

Posted at 12pm on 04/08/05 by Jack Mottram to the misc. category.
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