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EmergeD, the arts organisation who do interesting art things in non-gallery contexts (whose only fault is their liking for 1990s-style non-standard capitalisation and non-sensical parethetics) have a new project underway, [vsf]II, along the same lines as their previous, much-missed vacant shop front gallery, [rooted]:

E m e r g e D launches [vsf] II, the new platform for emerging artists to research, practice and present experimental contemporary art, located in the historic heart of the Glasgow’s Merchant City.

Two local contemporary artists, anthony SCHRAG and danny HOLCROFT have been commissioned to respond to the site and context of 54 Bell Street, radically transforming what is currently a standard and anonymous empty retail unit.

SCHRAG responding to the physicality of the site and HOLCROFT using old, discarded found objects to create and ignite an active environment for visual research and dialogue; signifying E m e r g e D’s commitment to the development of contemporary visual art.

‘You Are Not As Safe As You Think You Are’ is a one-off, live performance by anthony SCHRAG and will be performed 9pm, Saturday, 23rd July 2005. Understanding space physically is at the crux of SCHRAG’s live-art practice. His interests stem from the democratic nature of physical experience, and the ability of this type of specialism to engage and excite a wide spectrum of audiences. SCHRAG has created a new work which will be viewed through the window and involve florescent tubes.

SUNDAYTWENTYFOURTHOFJULYTWOTHOUSANDANDFIVETOSUNDAYSEVEN THOFAUGUSTTWOTHOUSANDANDFIVE, a solo show of new work by danny HOLCROFT running 24hrs daily, Sunday, 24th July – Sunday, 7th August 2005.

HOLCROFT will develop a process-based mixed-media installation, merging found objects, together with new materials and reworking existing interior surfaces to encourage viewer awareness of space and function.

Closely aligned with the aims and scope of [vsf] II, HOLCROFT’s practice has long been engaged with the conditions of site. His work has developed from the field of drawing into the expanded terrain of installation, architecture and public space. In previous projects, he has produced temporary urban interventions and drawings that aimed to reveal the architectural qualities of interior environments and heighten the viewer experience of space in time.

Sounds good to me.

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