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Architecture Week

Spooky - I was just in the middle of gathering together a post on Architecture Week 2005, which begins this Friday, when I noticed that Rob has already done a Brum round-up, and Dan Hill has picked his highlights in Manchester and London.

Anyway, here’s the good stuff in Glasgow, in no particular order:

I was hoping there’d be a talk on or guided walk around St. Peter’s Seminary at Cardross, but no such luck. (There are, however, tours of both the CCA and the Lighthouse, the two most profoundly depressing buildings/conversions in Glasgow’s recent history.)

Finally, since it sounds like one of the best Architecture Week events in Scotland, here’s one for the Dundonians:

Posted at 5pm on 15/06/05 by Jack Mottram to the architecture, art and culture, news category.
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  1. I went along to the Cinema City exhibition on Monday with my dad (him being keen on reliving his youthful trips to the pictures in Glasgow) and it was awful. One room, a looped compilation of newsreel footage – much of which was little more than trams choogling down Sauciehall St – a few old photographs, a (very) brief history of 20-odd city centre cinemas (nothing about the other 110 that were open during that “golden era”) which was riddled with basic factual errors, and an old documentary about attempts to restore the Panopticon on the Trongate. I know that, being the Lighthouse, it’s to be expected; but it’s just so depressing to have your cynicism confirmed time and again.

    Posted by Leon at 7pm on 15.06.05

  2. Nice. I linked you up as an addition to my entry.

    Cummuting? Sounds pretty orgasmic.

    Posted by Rob at 10pm on 15.06.05

  3. Cummuting? Sounds pretty orgasmic.

    Hee - the Architecture Week site is a shocker when it comes to spelling errors, random capitalisation, etc.

    Unless it’s being on the last train back to Glasgow on a Saturday, in which case it might just be a reference to the fact that the loos are always occupied with people joining the foot high club.

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 12pm on 16.06.05

  4. makes mental note to get timetable of last train back to Glasgow on a Saturday

    Posted by Rob at 3pm on 17.06.05

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