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Bins And Benches

Greyworld have released interactive street furniture—singing benches and bins with ‘personalities’—into the wild.

The benches love to be sat on, and they often take up position in new spaces to make themselves more attractive to potential human sitters. Sometimes, when it rains, they move themselves to drier, shadier areas of the square. To attract potential human sitting folk, they like to form patterns - the benches moving in to shapes in the centre of the piazza.

The bins are a little more solitary. When the mood takes them, the furniture like to burst in to song. Sometimes, small clusters gather together and sing a tight six-part harmony, and occasionally, though much more rarely due to their shyness, the bins join in with their sweet soprano voices.

Each bench drifts slowly around the square and is equipped with sensors that detect the presence of objects in its immediate vicinity, coming to a complete halt when any object is coming close.

Overly cute, I think. Aggressive, sarcastic and bullying benches pitted against weak, craven and bullied bins would be much more fun to watch.

(Via We Make Money Not Art)

Posted at 7pm on 11/06/05 by Jack Mottram to the architecture, art and culture category.
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