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How To Scare The Shit Out Of Yourself

  1. Install demo version of BluePhoneElite.
  2. Muck around with the settings a bit.
  3. Pop to shops.
  4. Forget all about the existence of BluePhoneElite.
  5. Return from shops.
  6. Have minor heart attack as BluePhoneElite automatically starts iTunes playing just after you walk in the door, because it knows you are home.

Posted at 4pm on 03/06/05 by Jack Mottram to the misc. category.
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  1. Once, when I was about 17, my parents had gone out for the evening and I was playing Orbital’s Snivilisation album very loudly on my brother’s HiFi. Halfway through playing it there was a power cut, and the electricity still hadn’t come back on by the time my parents returned. So we turned in for the night hoping that the power would be back on in the morning.

    What I’d completely forgotten about was that my brother’s Kenwood CD player had a strange habit of starting to play the disc as soon as it’s powered up. So when the electricity decided to come back on at about 3 in the morning, my parents were suddenly awoken to ‘Forever’ as it started blasting from my Brother’s room (he was away at the time). We have a laugh about it now, but it seriously freaked them out at the time.

    Posted by Matt at 10pm on 03.06.05

  2. Oh mammy, that is scary.

    Posted by sisterphonetica at 11pm on 03.06.05

  3. But also very cool, Sis!

    The only problem is that it maintains a connection with your ‘phone, which eats battery like crazy.

    [Parental readers, look away now]

    Matt - not entirely dissimilarly, I fell asleep listening to U.F. Orb once, then woke up, forgetting the CD was on, and became convinced that I was hallucinating the entire record and was, in fact, a colossal musical genius with the ability to dream songs into existance. They should make LSD more expensive so that schoolchildren can’t afford it, I reckon.

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 12pm on 04.06.05

  4. On a less frazzled note, David Haywood Smith reports on his friend Ben’s very cool, and just about possible, idea for receiving text messages even if you’ve left your ‘phone at home.

    (I suppose this comment is a manual trackback - damn you spammers for making me switch off the automatic variety.)

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 1pm on 04.06.05

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