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Tonight At Stet: Lady Sovereign, Magic Daddy, This Driver, Maggie Jones, Sister Motivator And Me

The title says it all, really. The tiny but mighty grime heroine Lady Sovereign is returning to Stet for a live performance, supported by squiggle-click laptopist Magic Daddy, plus house band This Driver (they do pretty singing and filthy music).

Stet Tonight

Also, there are disc jockeys: Sister Motivator and I (Nurse Möt) will be previewing our Worries In The Dance ska, dancehall and dub thing in the back room of the top secret venue1, while Maggie Jones and I (Möt) will be doing bleak grime, nasty dubstep and elderly rave in the main room.

The evening begins at 9pm sharp, and ends at 2am, giving Glaswegians plenty of time to catch the last bus home. There are a limited number of tickets available on the door, at a price I can’t remember, but that is sure to be very reasonable.

One last thing - this is the last Stet in its current incarnation, or, in the multilingual Stet house style, La Finale.

1. It’s the Counting House, West Nicholson Street, Edinburgh, and the password to gain entry is Ch-ching. It’s near the Peartree, and above the Blind Poet, apparently. Don’t tell anyone. I mean, tell everyone.

Update: Blimey! A splendid night, with Sov on fine form and debuting some great new songs (especially Adidas Hoodie, and one which I think is called Public Announcement, a half grime, half 1976 punk thing). Proceedings were marred only slightly by The Counting House turning out to be run by total asshats, who closed us down half an hour early due to some minor illegal activities by patrons, and then attempted to charge us £500 for a damaged hand-dryer despite making an absolute fortune on the bar. Boo hiss.

Posted at 1pm on 27/05/05 by Jack Mottram to the music category.
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  1. Hi and THANKS

    Great night from STET as always (a shame it has to end) friendly atmosphere and everybody there for the good reasons and not the bad. Great to see SOV here again cos when the album comes out she’s going to be hard to get hold off! She’s already appearing in Russia, France, Belgium, Sweden and America!

    Counting House?!?!?!?!?! was a nice venue even has the door handles at SOV height! SOV got everyone to shout “W*NKERS!” at the culprits what more could you do! £500 for hand-dryer you can buy 10 of them for that!

    STET is dead! Long live STET!

    Posted by Jules at 1pm on 31.05.05

  2. i think that u r gr8 and i am ur biggest fan i hope that u will make a new song pretty soon

    Posted by lauren at 9am on 17.06.05

  3. your all a bunch of f##kin’ mugs! lady sov is a little skid mark on the pants of the hip hop culture. i was there working at the counting house. my fav part was when the fag dj took a little strop and threw his records across the room. mug! next time come back with some good music and we won’t throw you out and rip yo off. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by mark at 4pm on 20.12.05

  4. Wow, Lauren, way to demonstrate that the staff at the venue are as cuntish as the management.

    Enjoy life as a barmaid. Bet it’s not nearly as much fun as being a ‘fag DJ’ like me.

    Posted by Jack at 8pm on 24.12.05

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