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Strange Election

Strange for me, anyway - the first UK General Election in which I did not vote for Labour, and the first election of any kind in which I did not vote for either Labour or the Scottish Socialist Party.

Strange too:- this is the first election during which I am without a television, so it’s Radio 4 until the early hours instead of Peter Snow waving his swingometer all up in my face. Won’t be the same without him.

Posted at 8pm on 05/05/05 by Jack Mottram to the politics category.
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  1. i found it very ineteresting that there were no labour, tory or lib dem candidates on my ballot paper and yet according to the bbc website today, labour has won by a huge majority in the east end

    mmmm, not really surprising that labour got in again though, the slightly lesser of two evils - i will say that if i see any footage or photos of that smug bastard bush congratulating the other smug bastard blair, i may shout loudly and/or vomit

    Posted by missbadger at 1pm on 06.05.05

  2. Not really coming to grips with the depressing reality of another four or five years of Tony Blair as prime minister. In some ways, if his daughter’s actions had been made public, then maybe he wouldn’t be here now, which would be a good thing.

    Posted by Donny at 2pm on 06.05.05

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