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Write To Them, They Write Back

I’ve plugged the sterling work done by before, but after using their service yesterday, and receiving a swift and reassuring response from one of my MEPs, I thought I’d give them another thumbs-up. makes it easy for folk to get in touch with their various representatives, from local councillors to MEPs, via fax and email, so, if, like me, you find yourself in a towering rage as the Today Programme feeds you dreadful news each and every morning, it only takes a couple of clicks to unleash your inner Angry of Tunbridge Wells. I don’t use it nearly enough, to be honest, so this is in part a note to myself to harass my representatives more regularly.

In case anyone was wondering, I was using to pester my seven MEPs about EU software patent legislation - Lord, could I sound any sadder? - and David Martin MEP responded almost immediately with a clarification of his position on the issue, and useful information on the proposed legislation. I’ll save wittering about the crazy world of patent law for another post, as I’m waiting for permission from Martin to quote from his email, but for now, have a look at No To Software Patents for a quick guide to why the Directive on the Patenting of Computer Implemented Inventions must not be allowed into the statute books.

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