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I just signed up with Mobical.

It’s a free service that lets you synchronise your mobile telephone’s address book, contacts, calendars with the Mobical website.

Setup is a cinch - feed the site your ‘phone number, and it texts you your password and the settings required to start synching. Start a synch from the ‘phone, and your contacts, calendars and the like wend their way via GPRS to Mobical. Once there, you can view your calendars, add new contacts, or synchronise data with your ‘phone.

This is pretty bloody handy - it doesn’t matter now if I lose my ‘phone or fry the memory card on the same day my computer explodes and I forget to pay my .Mac subscription, as, even if I have to change ‘phone numbers, all my contacts are safe and sound.

The only downside is Mobical’s sparse documentation - when trying to work out how to start my first synch, the only instruction was, ‘Synchronization is started from your ‘phone’ and it was left to me to guess that I should probably head for the Sync application in the Connectivity folder on my 7610.

Other than that, highly recommended.

(The service also makes me wonder why, if a free website can make the synchronisation process so smooth and painless by using SyncML, Apple and Nokia haven’t yet given iSync proper support for the protocol.)

Posted at 6pm on 19/02/05 by Jack Mottram to the technology, web category.
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  1. How do they make money? I am concerned giving all of my contact info to someone who can do anything with it that they wish

    Posted by ojing at 9pm on 07.03.05

  2. Did you tried ?
    It will be intereseting for us to know your opinion.

    Posted by gik at 1pm on 18.04.06

  3. my data

    Posted by mahesh at 11am on 06.07.06

  4. Have you tried INTENZIONA?

    It only works in Spain at the moment.

    Posted by atosan at 9am on 30.01.07

  5. I’ve tried and it’s the biggest SHIT i’ve ever tried. It is an Egroupware with some “wrong-made” mods and it doesn’t works with my NOKIA (in Spain).

    Posted by michael at 8am on 11.10.07

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