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Cowie, P. On The Plymouth-Dakar Rally

One of my best and oldest friends, Paul Cowie, is driving a car from Plymouth to Dakar to raise money for Unicef.

Paul is the only person I know capable of driving a car from Plymouth to Dakar, and also the only person I know capable of neglecting to mention the fact that he was about to do so.

As far as I Know, Paul and his co-driver are somewhere in France at the moment, but they nearly didn’t make it that far. Their Isuzu Trooper broke down before they even reached Plymouth, so they called out the RAC. The RAC man pronounced the car kaput, and then, when he found out what they were up to, gave them his own Vauxhall Calibra, and told them not to worry about the Trooper, as he’d see to it that it was fixed up and sold on their behalf. Well done that RAC man.

I’ll try to bring you more tales from the road as Paul makes his way to Dakar, and will add details of how to sponsor him as soon as I know them.

Good luck P.!

Posted at 2pm on 19/02/05 by Jack Mottram to the news category.
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  1. I hope they got the 4x4 version as lovingly detailed here:
    That Paul is a crazy ass. At least they’re going to look 90’s cool in the desert!

    Posted by Donny at 10am on 21.02.05

  2. You can track the latest from this page:

    The team names are “Bucking Broncos” aka T5439


    “Border Cross” aka T5442 aka Paul in the Calibra.

    Posted by Donny at 10am on 21.02.05

  3. Cheers Don - scoured the site looking for them, but there were too many Isuzu Troopers in the mix. That Paul is, indeed, a crazy ass!

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 11am on 21.02.05

  4. Hello,

    I was wondering if any of you people are still looking for a european car for sale to rally with…
    It’s a VW Polo. If so, anybody can call me at +32496965458

    Posted by bert at 11am on 05.09.08

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