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Write To Them

The successor to FaxYourMP, the wonderfully simple, incredibly useful website designed to connect constituents with their Parliamentiary representative, launched on Monday.

WriteToThem expands the service in two ways: you can now choose your medium, either fax or email, and quickly find and contact not just your MP, but your local councillor, MSP, Welsh or London Assembly Member, and your various MEPs.

WriteToThem is one of a suite of websites made by, a volunteer organisation funded by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister’s e-innovations fund, which includes TheyWorkForYou, to help you you track your MP’s performance, and UpMyStreet, a wide-ranging resource for local information.

In other words, MySociety are helping to make the web work for people, in a simple, practical way, and they’re doing a great job of it.

Cheers for that.

Posted at 12pm on 17/02/05 by Jack Mottram to the politics, web category.
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  1. Well I think it’s a good way for the most vocal and passionate people to be heard. It just goes to prove that old sayinig “the wheel that squeaks gets the most grease.”

    Posted by political forum at 10pm on 26.05.07

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