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Sound Change To Machine Windrush

I didn’t realise that the frivolous addition of a Spinal Tap-inspired umlaut to my nickname to differentiate between me (Mot) and me-when-playing-records (Möt) was rather apt, until I saw this, from the excellent Wikipedia entry on the rich history of the Heavy Metal Umlaut:

The German word Umlaut means roughly sound change, being composed of um- (a prefix often used with verbs involving “change”) and Laut, meaning “sound”.

Via, kinda, the always-splendid New Things weblog, which points to the Wikipedia Unusual Articles page.

Talking of playing records, or sound changing, I’ll be contributing to a Stet radio show, featuring a mix and some form of interview with myself and DJ Maggie Jones about the club on Subcity Radio. People living in Glasgow can tune in to 87.7 on the FM dial, others may click through to the Subcity website and access streaming audio in the MP3 and, rather wonderfully, Ogg Vorbis formats. The show is tentatively scheduled to air on the 10th of February - the time is as yet unconfirmed, so I’ll update as soon as I know more details.

The music I contribute will probably explore Machine Windrush territory - that’s a really stupid genre neologism I coined just this minute, since a lot of the records I play these days are, rhythmically speaking, Jamaican-born, and made in the UK, on computers and other machines. A possible, arguably more euphonious, alternative term: Tilbury Digital. (For those wondering what on earth I’m wittering about, this page might clear things up.)

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