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Kode 9 & Daddi Gee At Stet

The Stet logo, which is a double-headed eagle-type bird with a sine wave and lightning bolt affixed to its breast

Should your ears need solace in the deep cold of the Scottish winter, the next installment of Stet features Kode 9 & Daddi Gee. Live and, in all probability, direct.

The pair haven’t released a whole lot as a duo, but if you listen to their debut, Sign Of The Dub (4.8MB MP3) you’ll probably want to come along. It’s an utterly sublime cover of Prince’s Sign o’ the Times, stripped back to a nasty beat-free dub, with the lyrics run through a patois filter. The fact that their stage rider consists of nothing but a throne for Daddi Gee to sit on should serve as further encouragement to attend. (You heard: a fucking throne!)

There’s a pair of dates, Stet being an intercity affair: Friday the 11th of February, at the Bongo Club, Edinburgh, and Saturday 12th of February, at the Cotton Club, Dundee. Both evenings will set you back £5. Both feature Mot (that’s me, obviously) playing records one after another on two turntables, and Maggie Jones playing lots of records all at the same time on several computers.

See you there?

P.S. Apologies for the posting hiatus - moving house, Christmas, Hogmanay, London, work, furniture assembly etc. etc.

Posted at 5pm on 19/01/05 by Jack Mottram to the music, news category.
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  1. sure will jack my lad. glad to hear you’ll be in edinboo. been meaning to go to stet but haven’t got along yet. lets drink. bring leon, i owe him.

    good to hear your still alive. what rss is for.

    Posted by tim at 6pm on 19.01.05

  2. hello jack
    missed my daily submit response hit - assembling furniture my arse. tried to google how all the collapsed lungs are still finding you. how?

    Posted by bobbydad at 6pm on 19.01.05

  3. welcome back jack.

    Posted by veryape at 11pm on 19.01.05

  4. Hello all!

    Dad - the bad lung crew come from searches such as this (note the incorrect spelling!) and this (correct spelling - the BBC search thingy has unreasonable love for this site, for some reason, so I get a lot of hits from there.)

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 11am on 20.01.05

  5. Also - nice to see you’ve joined the weblog set, Tim! Powered by lovely shiny WordPress, too - I’d have switched to it ages ago, if only I could fathom the hideously complex .htaccess stuff needed to switch to a nicer URL [sentence left unfinished before it became too boring].

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 11am on 20.01.05

  6. hey, i was at the dundee gig (i was the guy who was first in and regretted putting his coat in the cloakroom at the start;). loved the music - do you know the name of that track which features an argument between a mother and son (it was played twice).

    btw, is there a stet forum anywhere online?

    Posted by milk at 7pm on 14.02.05

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