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Podcasting In Our Time

Seems I wasn’t the only person musing on the Podcasting potential suggested by the BBC offering In Our Time as MP3 downloads. Matt Webb has gone further than merely musing and, er, Podcastified In Our Time, so you can now sit back and wait for the MP3 to be delivered direct to your desktop, until the trial closes at the end of the year.

(Before spotting Matt’s efforts, I was using a rather more lo-tech solution: using wget to grab the MP3, set to run every Thursday afternoon with cron - I know, I know, l33t h4x0r stuff! - which is probably a better bet for folk not really digging the whole Podcast ‘revolution’ enough to download one of the Podcasting applications, or ‘receivers,’ to borrow a bit of last-century hi-fi talk.)

Update: All my dreams are coming true. The ones about alternative distribution methods for Radio 4 programmes, anyway. Ben Hammersly has the beginnings of an application that will record streaming radio, convert to MP3, then wrap that up as an enclosure in an RSS 2.0 feed, primed and ready for Podcasting applications to download and dump onto your iPod. Nice.

Posted at 5pm on 13/11/04 by Jack Mottram to the radio category.
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