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You Are Invited

You Are Invited

I’m a sucker for a good invite.

This one for the upcoming Ed Ruscha show at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art is nicely interactive: Rub down the letters on the transfer sheet to make your own Ruscha.

(Though I’m not sure how much I fancy the ‘LA poolside’ launch party in an Edinburgh health club.)

Posted at 11am on 20/10/04 by Jack Mottram to the art and culture category.
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  1. just get to the tanning parlour - 6 minutes on high power - hire a chest wig and off to the pool. (with your build avoid lycra)

    Posted by bobby at 12pm on 20.10.04

  2. Hee!

    (There was a comedy misunderstanding in the pub last night, with Dave thinking Leon was boasting about his new leggings - conjours a similar mental image to me in lycra, if not quite as terrifying!)

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 3pm on 20.10.04

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