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Dobar Dan!


Zagreb is a wonderful place to holiday.

I’m still a wee bit zonked from the 24 hour return journey just now - there’s still a chill in my bones from our extended sojourn in Lubliana train station! - so no What I Did On My Summer Holidays post today.

I’ll be talking quite a lot about the place in the next few days, though, for the benefit of future Google searchers, and for the benefit of the memoryless future me, who will have forgetten half the fun within a month.

In any case, there are more pressing matters to attend to: I need to parade around in my deeply ugly new Dinamo Zagreb bomber jacket and deliver foul-tasting liqueurs, Yugoton 7”s and Tito memorabilia to my lucky pals.

Posted at 3pm on 29/09/04 by Jack Mottram to the places category.
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