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Guff, And Other Glasgow Feeds

Guff is a new aggregator weblog for students and alumni of Glasgow University. (Wasters like me who never completed their degree are also welcome.)

It’s been put together by 4th year Computing Science student Derek Murray, and very nicely too, retrieving and parsing feeds with the excellent MagpieRSS, with a soon-to-be GPL licensed custom PHP script doing the rest of the work.

I’ve long been a fan of services that tie virtual and geographical locations together - things like GeoURL, which is currently on hiatus, or Multimap’s recent addition of a Weblogs category.

Thanks to everyone’s current fave web services, and Flickr, and their freeform tagging features, you can get lots of Glasgow-based content in your browser or aggregator. Look here (Atom/RSS) for a rolling visual survey of the city, or check the GlasgowPhoto pool for a filtered selection of weegie pics.

For links, the Glasgow tag page (RSS) on is still a bit slow-moving, but hit Scotland (RSS), and you get a wealth of links to everything from Alasdair Gray short stories to aerial views of Dundee.

I’m sure there must be other ways to loosely aggregate content by location - any ideas?

Posted at 6pm on 16/09/04 by Jack Mottram to the web category.
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  1. As a bonus, if anyone comes up with a good enough idea in the next week or two, it may very well get developed for them. We’re all on the look-out for final year computing projects after all.

    Posted by Gary Fleming at 7pm on 16.09.04

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