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Crouching Borges, Hidden Mao

The hero of hero

Hero (Ying Xiong) is fucking amazing.

A more considered review follows shortly.

Posted at 5pm on 26/08/04 by Jack Mottram to the film category.
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  1. good to know, going to see it on saturday :) has been one i’ve been looking forward to for aaaaaaaaaages (ok about 5 weeks)

    was going to go to the industry screening today but wanted to get the full blockbuster experience sold out on saturday, altho i do so love the vast personal space the industry screenings give you

    [nice use of the expletive btw, that’s the best way to use ‘em]

    Posted by kevin at 7pm on 26.08.04

  2. damn. when’s it on? must fuel asian cinema addiction.

    Posted by Donna at 11pm on 26.08.04

  3. ook. eek. must see saturday. Tony Leung. dribble

    Posted by Donna at 11pm on 26.08.04

  4. that’s the best way to use ‘em

    I dunno - I think saying, ‘abso-cunting-lutely’ or ‘congratu-fucking-lations’ or similar is more gratifying.

    But then I say ‘Tits in a wigwam!’ all the time, so what do I know about swearing?

    This comment is going to look most odd when I add the review up there…

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 9pm on 27.08.04

  5. i nearly wept yesterday when I found out it was all sold out

    Posted by Donna at 5pm on 28.08.04

  6. Yeah - that would be the problem with the Film Festival. They need to do at least three screenings per film, more for big ones like this. Dunno if there’s enough screens in Edinburgh for that, though!

    Posted by Tast at 1pm on 29.08.04

  7. Have no fear - it opens in the GFT on 24th September. All is well with the world.


    Posted by sisterphonetica at 1pm on 29.08.04

  8. Phew, indeed! (‘Tast’ was me, btw)

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 2pm on 29.08.04

  9. how confusing, pseudonyms agogo!

    Posted by sisterphonetica at 2pm on 29.08.04

  10. I really enjoyed Zatoichi, have you seen that?

    Posted by Matt at 9am on 30.08.04

  11. Not heard of that one, Matt - will have to check it out. I’m a big fan of Violent Cop etc., so a period piece by Kitano sounds very interesting (although I can’t imagine a film by him without guns, lots of guns).

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 2pm on 30.08.04

  12. I can give you a copy of Zatoichi, Jack. I love Hana Bi and just bought a copy of that and Sonatine. Not seen Violent Cop yet. Hana Bi hasn’t got that many guns, really.

    Posted by Donna at 7pm on 30.08.04

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