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Multimapping Weblogs

Richard Rutter of Clagnut has added a weblogs category to Multimap, so as well as using the site to find local shops, restaurants and the like you can now find local weblogs too.

I love the idea of giving websites a physical location of sorts, and this goes further than services like GeoURL (which is broken at the moment) by tying in weblogs with nearby resources.

Click here to view Submit Response at Multimap, and you can follow Richard’s instructions to add your own frequently updated personal homepage to the system.

Posted at 1pm on 12/08/04 by Jack Mottram to the web category.
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  1. i like the idea of that, however i am not sure i like the idea of millions* of interwebulator nutters knowing my exact location - it could lead to some kind of grooming (chance would be a fine thing*)

    Posted by badgergirl at 1pm on 13.08.04

  2. You can use vague latitude and longitude coordinates or put half a postcode in to get around giving away your exact location - eg. I could’ve just put G12 in the URL, but since my address can be found on the interweb very easily (by doing a WHOIS on any of the domain names I’ve registered) giving folk a street map doesn’t seem too dangerous…

    Feel free to remind me of that when a mad axeman comes calling!

    Posted by Jack at 2pm on 13.08.04

  3. Putting my website on the map

    Putting my website on the map [c/o Submit Response]…

    Posted by M. Ellis Conroy's OM&TR: Linklog at 2pm on 13.08.04

  4. cool - i’ve been itching for GeoUrl to go back up so I could finally fiddle about with something like this. Cheers :)

    Posted by Kevin at 6pm on 13.08.04

  5. This is a test comment.

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 3pm on 17.08.04

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