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Announcing Leon’s New Weblog

Some changes are afoot at Submit Response.

Way back in the year 2001, when I signed up for a Blogspot-hosted Blogger account, the plan was to make a community weblog for folk posting to Optimo Echatio, the message board for the famous and fabulous Optimo nightclub. Since we were all already trading links to cool stuff on the web, and discussing them, and I’d been reading weblogs for a year or two, it seemed like a fantastic plan. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) none of my internet gang agreed, and after a flurry of posts from a couple of Echatio users, this place settled down to being a three-person weblog, with XXX, Leon and myself posting for each other’s benefit. Over time, XXX drifted off, briefly keeping a weblog of her own, and then, a year or so ago, Leon found himself in full-time employment with no desire to write words here after a hard day of writing words at work. (Oh, and at some point along the line Donny joined us, for one post only!)

So, after a time, it felt to me - and most readers, I suspect - that for better or worse Submit Response had become my weblog (mine I tells you, all mine!).

With that in mind, I’ve set Leon up with a place of his own. (It has a silly name for now, while Leon wracks his brains for a snappy title.)

To Leon: Get your blog on! To everyone else, get reading, or subscribe - as you can see from the two entries I’ve cross-posted from this site, it might just be that high-quality, UK-based left-wing political weblog we’ve all been waiting for. Or it might be something completely different. You never know how these weblog things will turn out, as the above demonstrates.

Oh, and this should be the kick up the arse I needed to get on with migrating to WordPress, reorganising the sprawling mess this site has become, and having a crack at making the place look, in the words of one loyal reader, ‘less like a fucking till receipt’!

It was: you can watch me wrangling with WordPress and a new design here

Posted at 1pm on 22/07/04 by Jack Mottram to the site news category.
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  1. I like the till receipt!

    Posted by Rob at 2pm on 22.07.04

  2. jack,

    is a lowly badger not worthy of a link on your blog?

    missbadger flutters her big badger lashes at you

    Posted by badgergirl at 3pm on 22.07.04

  3. I just noticed that you weren’t there when adding you to Lenny’s list. I shall rectify that immediately!

    I was thinking of compiling a post listing Sub Club/Optimo/Kittens-sort-of-related weblogs, actually…

    I like the till receipt - thanks Rob! Don’t worry, though - the new look will still be very till receipt inspired, just with much better coding (now that I know what I’m doing a bit more, the current CSS and HTML make me cringe.)

    Posted by Jack at 4pm on 22.07.04

  4. thanks for the link over there :D

    Posted by Donna at 6pm on 22.07.04

  5. go on then, link me up too if you dare!

    Posted by Donna at 1pm on 24.07.04

  6. Done, ya big linkwhore! (I could’ve sworn I’d added you and Generalape ages ago, but mustn’t’ve got any further than thinking about it!)

    Posted by Jack at 2pm on 24.07.04

  7. why thank you, kind sir. Being a linkwhore is my only vice :D

    Posted by Donna at 3pm on 24.07.04

  8. Badgergirl,
    Your link, your link is bro-ken

    (to be sung to the tune of Danny Boy)

    Posted by ida at 9am on 28.07.04

  9. jack, i got a broken link sob

    Posted by badgergirl at 11am on 28.07.04

  10. But now it is fixed un-sob

    Posted by Jack at 12pm on 28.07.04

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