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Ten More Gmail Invites For Charity!

Update: No more giveaways! As detailed in this ZDNet story Google have changed their policy regarding Gmail invitations, and since I’ve been generating invitations by re-inviting myself to the service, and asking for money in return for invites, even if it is for charity, I’m breaking all the new rules.

So, if you want an invitation, just mail me at this address and I’ll invite you, no strings attached, until the invitations run out (I have 10 left).

For the record, between us we raised a total of £321.50 for Amnesty International, Cancer Research, the Motor Neurone Disease Association, the Pakistan Foundation Fighting Blindness and the Red Cross.

I think that’s pretty good going for sending a few emails, so many thanks to everyone who donated so generously!

Posted at 2pm on 28/06/04 by Jack Mottram to the web category.
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  1. Any chance of an invite to G-Mail, I would be quite happy to give a donation to Amnesty international,
    Cheers Matt

    Posted by Matt Findlay at 7am on 15.07.04

  2. I am wanting a gmail account and have been ever since I heard about it. Plz, give me a account at Gmail…

    Have a nice day

    Posted by at 1pm on 25.08.04

  3. I’m sorry - I don’t have any left, and the Google don’t seem to be handing out any more.

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 1pm on 25.08.04

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