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Five More Gmail Invites!

Just in case anyone was wondering, giving away Gmail invites raised £25 for Amnesty International, plus an unknown amount from competition winner Rune, who found an invitation elsewhere but kindly promised to donate anyway. Not a huge amount, but, according to Amnesty, £25 is enough to pay for ‘a telegram about a prisoner suffering ill-treatment directly to a government official or place of detention’ in countries with unreliable telephone networks. Somebody somewhere will be grateful for that telegram, so many thanks to the three winners for donating.

Anyway, I now have a further five Gmail invitations to give away.

This time all you have to do to get an invitation is provide proof that you’ve donated to charity.

The amount is up to you and I don’t really mind which one, but reserve the right to withold invitations from anyone donating to a cause I find dubious or distasteful (such as animal charities, evangelical religous charities, ‘pro-life’ charities, etc.). Just to add to the spreading of goodness, for every £1 you donate, I’ll donate 25p to your cause.

If you’re stuck, here’s a few charities that do good work:

So, if you’d like a Gmail account, please send an email promising to donate. The first five folk to email will get their invites as soon as they provide proof of donation.

Good luck!

Rolling Update:

  • 0 invitations left.
  • £30 donated to Amnesty by Knid. £30 donated to Amnesty by Horizontal. £48 donated to Amnesty by Tim Street. £20 donated to the Motor Neurone Disease Association by Donna. £30 donated to Amnesty by Kate. £40 donated to Cancer Research by Leon.
  • Total raised: £247.50

Posted at 2pm on 19/06/04 by Jack Mottram to the web category.
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  1. me! me! check yr mail!

    Posted by Donna at 1am on 20.06.04

  2. And they just gave me seven more invites - another Gmail post follows shortly.

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 2pm on 22.06.04

  3. er, what is ‘dubious’ or ‘distasteful’ about animal charities? they have after all saved the tiger, whale and panda amongst other creatures from extinction. whereas cnd have done, well sfa really.

    Posted by stirmonster at 3am on 23.06.04

  4. I didn’t mean conservation ones (although, seriously, if the Panda can’t breed it should be extinct), more the RSPCA (who are thugs) and their ilk, charities who spend millions looking after poorly donkeys and shit, and the outwardly respectable anti-vivisection charities with links to animal liberationists who would rather see a person dead than a bunny.

    Basically, I just don’t think that animals are worth the resources when there’s people suffering…

    Fair point on CND, though! When it comes to nuclear weapons/power anyway - as peace campaigners they’re a mildly effective lobbying and protest group.

    Posted by Jack at 10am on 23.06.04

  5. Dear Friend

    please send a gmail invitation letter. I realy want to use gmail.

    Posted by kshtet at 7pm on 22.08.04

  6. Mail Mail Mail Gmail
    I desperately need a Gmail account!

    Posted by Michael Wart at 10am on 25.08.04

  7. I’m sorry, there’s none left!

    Posted by Jack Mottram at 1pm on 25.08.04

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