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Bam Thwok

What better way to celebrate the launch of the iTunes Music Store in Europe than by purchasing the first single by the Pixies in 13 years?

It’s called Bam Thwok. It costs 79p.

And it sounds… just like the Pixies!

I must say I’m impressed with the iTMS, but I’m switching it off in iTunes after this first purchase. Because buying music there is dangerously easy.

To register and sign in at the Store, all I had to do was supply my Mac ID, and up popped my credit card details, home address and suchlike awaiting confirmation. Then, to buy my exclusive Pixes AAC file (I can’t bring myself to write ‘single’) all I had to do was click on it.

That’s it.

From opening iTunes to owning Bam Thwok - albeit in the strange ephemeral way one owns data on a computer - took about 30 seconds.

Even when shopping drunk in Monorail I can’t drop cash that fast.

Posted at 12pm on 15/06/04 by Jack Mottram to the mac, music category.
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