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Sub Sessions Reminder

Just in case you’re wondering how to while away your Wednesday evening this week, here’s a reminder of, or introduction to, the blistering night of fun in store for those planning to attend the second Sub Sessions event at the Sub Club, lifted straight from their mailout:

The Sub Sessions are a series of monthly evening music sessions set to break the mould. The night is run by and for the internet community that has sprung up around the Sub Club and aims to introduce new electronic music to an enthusiastic clubbing audience. One Wednesday each month, the dance music will stop, making way for new, leftfield and electronic music, DJs and art installations. The Sub Sessions opens the Sub Club to a new crop of music lovers, by encouraging new and unsigned acts to take part.

Live guests this month include laptop mentalist Germlin, with his own special brand of skronk in a tanktop, ably accompanied by the mysterious masked Stylodub. We’d also like to welcome back to the Sub Club, Möt and El Em (Submit Response) after a lengthy hiatus. Expect some sonic surprises.

Get there early, it’s a school night.

It takes place at the Sub Club, Jamaica Street, Glasgow between 9pm and 1am, at a cost that appears to be entirely up to you, the punter - it’s a donationware nightclub!

At the risk of spoiling one sonic surprise, my record bag seems to have filled itself with lumpen progressive rock, gabber, Pygmy chants, grime, hideous laptop death rattles and recordings of The South Wales Striking Miners Choir.

Pretentious, moi? Well, yes, of course I am. You do read this website, don’t you?

Posted at 12pm on 18/05/04 by Jack Mottram to the music category.
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  1. good gig el mot.

    piccies here…

    Posted by generalape at 11pm on 20.05.04

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