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Submit Response In Nightclub Again

People with ears, listen up. The Submit Response Sound System - Möt & El Em - will be appearing at the Sub Club on May 19th.

It’s a new monthly night at the Sub, featuring live music as well as disc jockeys, and called, with great restraint, the Sub Sessions. It’s co-curated by our friend Donna, too. (Who probably won’t appreciate me using the term co-curated.)

The live artists are Germlin, a Powerbook glitch-masher, and Stylodub, who play a variety of Stylophones, computers and homemade instruments.

If you’d like to download an MP3 taster of the acts, get a recording of Germlin playing live here, or sample a Stylodub song here.

Posted at 5pm on 04/05/04 by Jack Mottram to the music, news category.
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  1. co-curated, nae bad, makes me think of the theme song from hable con ella, cococrrurrrururuuururrccuuu paloma or whatever it’s called.

    i better get them press releases done, huh? now you’ve started el spamming ahead of me.

    Posted by Donna at 7pm on 04.05.04

  2. groovy

    Posted by bobby at 9am on 05.05.04

  3. Did you download the MP3s Dad? You might like the Stylodub one…

    Posted by Jack at 3pm on 05.05.04

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