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Machinista Is Upon Us

Machinista, the unmediated online exhibition of wo/man-machine art, is about to come to life offline in Glasgow.

Running from the 7th to the 9th of May, the festival takes place at venues across the city - The Arches, the CCA, Glasgow Science Centre and Glasgow School of Art - with everything from robotics demonstrations to club nights via live art.

Glasgow readers might well have seen little stickers pasted on every lampost in town, bearing obtuse advertisment texts: William Gibson Ate My Tamagotchi, Acyclic Glitch Terror, Simulated Body Audio (I suggested, too late for printing, Come And Have A Go If You Think You’re Arpanet).

These slogans, and the three categories that shape the festival - Artists Against Machinic Standards, Art From The Machine and Full-Screen Robovision - are good shorthand for explaining the event’s remit, which is rather hard to pin down without resorting to artsy double-speak.

So, rather than read a hamfisted attempt by me to describe the thing, go see for yourself, online or off:

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