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Dub ‘n’ Grub

Highly recommended: Dub ‘n’ Grub, every Thursay at Stereo.

You get a three course meal for £6 - last night it was spring rolls to start, a serious stew of plantain, sweet potato and suchlike, topped off with a plate of apple strudel.

To aid the digestion, disc jockeys from the Mungo’s Hi-Fi soundsystem blast dub and dancehall.

Lovely crowd too.

Posted at 11am on 23/04/04 by Jack Mottram to the places category.
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  1. that sounds yummy. i love plantain :-)

    Posted by Donna at 9am on 24.04.04

  2. I once had a boyfriend who insisted that dub gave him indigestion.

    Posted by Donna at 11am on 24.04.04

  3. i’d love to much so many fiber foods because it helps in digestion and waste removal ;.,

    Posted by Digital Caliper at 9pm on 01.12.10

  4. if you are not eating much fiber, then you will always get indigestion. so eat lots of dietary fibers ;;,

    Posted by Roof Helmet at 9am on 16.12.10

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