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21 Again

It seems horribly weblog-ish to break the recent silence to announce that it’s my birthday today, but what the heck - it’s my birthday today, so I can do what I like.

It is, of course, my friend Donna’s birthday today, too. Happy Birthday! Our new tradition of eating vegan food on the 25th of March is a good one.

It certainly beats that other tradition - one that thankfully never caught on - the collapsed lung. This was such a nasty way to turn 25 that for the last two years I’ve had pre-anniversary pneumothorax superstition nightmares that would put David Cronenburg to shame.

Anyway, back to the grindstone for me. A profile of Gospel queen and disco diva Gwen McCrae beckons, with a little bluesy piece on the excellent Fat Possum artist Model T. Ford, and Andre Williams, to follow.

Did I say grindstone? Sorry, I meant funstone.

Posted at 12pm on 25/03/04 by Jack Mottram to the misc. category.
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  1. Happy Birthday!

    Posted by Matt at 1pm on 25.03.04

  2. Happy Day Mot…

    Posted by brat at 6pm on 25.03.04

  3. happy birthday mottram!

    Posted by generalape at 9pm on 25.03.04

  4. Happy Birthday!

    Posted by Gary Fleming at 10pm on 26.03.04

  5. happy belated birthday to us!

    Gwen McCrae, I wonder if I could fit her gig onto my triptych schedule, it’s lookiung a bit mental for me… I think I have 9 things to go to already, AND that Divine Comedy gig in Edinburgh with Peaches…
    Better rest up :-)

    Posted by Donna at 11am on 27.03.04

  6. Yeah, I’m not sure I can make it - but Gwen said she’d pray and see if the Lord moved her to dedicate a song to me (!), so I probably should. I’ll try my luck with maximum guest list blagging, so maybe we could do some high-speed running between gigs. (By running, I mean getting a taxi. Obviously.)

    And thanks everyone for the birthday wishes (and the prezzies!)

    Posted by Jack at 12pm on 29.03.04

  7. keep lovin the perv art :-)

    Posted by Donna at 10pm on 29.03.04

  8. The perv art book is brilliant - thanks again! I’ll have to do a post her quoting John Waters’ most choice perv art opinions…

    Posted by Jack at 11pm on 29.03.04

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